Bringing families together

The holidays are coming upon us and now is the time to bring families together. What better way to enjoy time together then having a barbecue at the house? Or enjoying an evening cocktail in the garden with your family and friends? As a cooler weather comes around spend some time creating that perfect Outdoor Oasis as a Gathering Place for those you love. Take some pride and showing off your yard, and your friends and family will want to come spend time in it.

Some simple things that you can do to improve your outdoor space would include some new patio furniture or maybe even a new barbecue. Nothing like some delicious food and drinks to bring people together.

Designing a flower garden that people can enjoy can or growing your own vegetables could be a reason family gets together. Imagine the pride that you would have when your family comes and gushes over how beautiful your yard is after all your hard work of putting in the flowers, or how great it would be when they tell you how delicious your organically grown vegetables.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
 There are many   vegetables that   grow year-   round,  you can find all different types of   vegetables that will grow in your Zone. If you live   in  an area that gets  very cold during the winter   you can put in a greenhouse. Greenhouses come   in  many sizes and styles that are space saving   and  very user-friendly.

 If space seems to be the problem you can always build your garden in containers therefore making them portable. If you choose to grow vegetables or flowers in your containers you can bring them inside during the winter to protect them from the elements. There’s nothing like brightening up your home by having some beautiful plants and flowers inside.
Another option for space would be to use a vertical garden like this one. You could use this garden to plant fresh herbs for your kitchen. Or plant your vegetables for convenience to cook. You don’t even need a designated area to be a vegetable garden you can plant some beautiful fruit shrubs like blueberries or blackberries around the yard to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Even having a fruit tree in your yard is nice to walk by to take fruit off and eat fresh.
If you already have a great family bond you could encourage your family to come work in your yard with you there for enhancing the experience for both you and your family. As a result creating that perfect Outdoor Oasis as well as spending time with the family.