Encourage the local Wildlife

There are many wonderful things about enjoying the outdoors. The variety of local wildlife you can support in your outdoor space is one of them.  There is no better way to encourage the growth of life in your yard then by getting involved and saving the environment. By planting animal friendly plants and strategically placing ornaments around the yard you too can encourage this type of local animal interaction. 

During the day the birds are singing and flying about. Enjoying the songs from the little frogs and insects in the evening are some of the things I like about the garden. There was one evening right about twilight that I managed to catch a picture of a juvenile owl.  He was not very happy about my waking him from his nap.                            


Would you like to encourage some of these interactions in your garden or yard? This may sound like quite the task to uphold but it could be really as something simple as hanging a bird feeder. 

Or planting some fragrant colorful flowers that will encourage some butterfly or bee activity.  Inviting these small guests into your garden will also help your garden to flourish. These busy little animals will be doing the work of pollinating for you. 

Some of my local wildlife neighbors in my garden just make themselves right at home, enjoying some of the shade and water that is provided. I am happy to oblige them with their comfort.


Don't forget these guys like it when you provide them with somewhere to stop and get a fresh drink of water.  It doesn't have to be as fancy as a waterfall or even a bird bath.  Truly all you need to do is put a bowl of water in a common place in the yard like under a tree but definitely away from high traffic areas. If you are so inclined to support the local wildlife and improve the overall wellness of the environment, these are some of the small things you can do. 

Happy Gardening.