Garden watering tips!

If you had all the time in the world to dedicate to your outside garden, you would never have to worry about your plants drying out when you don't get enough rain. But since we are all very busy people, here are a couple of ideas that will help you keep up with your plants watering needs. 

If you take the time when starting your garden to Install a microdrip watering system with automatic timer, watering your garden will become a breeze. All you would have to do is set the time and duration of watering and forget about it. The watering is all taken care of for you. Some of these systems now come with timers that interact with your smart phone so you can even water your garden when you aren't home.

Prior to my installing this automatic watering system my flowers would not make it very long in the long hot summer days down here in S. Florida.  It was very difficult for me to keep up with the balance of keeping the flowers moist without drowning them or forgetting about when I watered them last. 

Placing this watering system on an automatic timer will ensure that your plants will be able to receive the proper amount of water to produce the results you are looking for.  This system is easy to use and also helps to water you plants and control the amount of water you are using for your garden. By using this system you can also keep your utilities bill in check by not forgetting to turn off the sprinkler as I used to do so often before I installed this into my flower garden. As a result I can enjoy the beauty of the flowers without tearing all my hair out trying to find a good balance.

Another idea is the use of a rain barrel. What better way for recycling the natural elements is to catch it and use it when you want it? There are many makes and models of rain barrels. But if you attach a soaker hose to the valve of the rain barrel you can just turn the valve on and have the use of a natural water source. 




Many of you enjoy taking the time to get out in your personal oasis as I do and watering the old fashion way with hand held watering can or by using the hose.  It really is a way for me to get out in the early evening after a stressful day and reflect while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.  Many of the times after I have had a little while to perform my watering ritual I come back inside and I am feeling more relaxed and in turn I am able to spend time with my family without feeling like I am ready to snap. 

If you tend to travel a lot but have a couple of plants that you don't want to have to worry about you may look into a product such as the watering globe or using a garden cone to keep the soil moist while you are away.


Whatever the system you chose your plants will surely appreciate the extra care you give them in the long dry months where they have to work so hard to get the water they need.